Turnkey PV installations and all-round EPC Contracting.

Efficiency and performance in generation of renewable energy

ETURN stands for efficiency and performance in renewable energy generation. We realise both turnkey PV installations, and contracted new construction- or renovation projects. Our services focus on residential, agricultural, industrial and utility buildings and include:

Design: every detail counts

Calibrating energy needs

Every project starts with a well-thought-out design: after all, the complexity of an optimal functioning PV system, is not only in the solar panels. First, the energy needs must be crystal clear: where, and for what purpose will the energy be generated? Is it a business, or an industrial application, or does it involve powering multiple households? Are there peak needs to consider? Our specialists calibrate precisely which energy demands need to be met, now and in the future.

360° preliminary research

Thorough preliminary research into possibilities and preconditions, deterimine each specific design. For that research, we not only rely on construction specifications, but also use physical and drone-based site inspections, precision measurements, and computer simulations. Our in-house developed, advanced software technology, enables us to seamlessly match the output to our customers’ energy needs. Even when these needs fluctuate. After we complete the installation, we continue the monitoring. Resulting in a guarantee that all possibilities are utilized and nothing is left to chance.

Clarity at every stage

After a thorough analysis of all the relevant factors and their interrelationships – from location, size, subsoil and construction, to the meteorological impact on the PV installation – we complete detailed design. With research reports, prognoses and roadmaps, we bring clarity to each stage. We tend to go the extra mile here. For example, our kilowatt-hour production prognosis has such a high forecast value, that we’re able to issue a production guarantee.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We prefer prevention

PV systems are relatively low-maintenance, but that doesn’t make monitoring them any less important. Any malfunctions or defects should be remedied immediately, to not compromise the intended performance.

ETURN Live Monitoring specialists monitor production performance 24/7, and immidiately take action when necessary. By means of periodic inspections, we ensure that all materials are in good condition. For optimal assurance, our service contracts can also be extended to include a yield guarantee.