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Powerful Projects

Powerful projects: towards an effective energy transition with optimal returns

ETURN assimilates data, precision and technological innovations with specialist know-how and solid workmanship. With these practice, our customers can always count on optimal returns on their installation.

Powerful projects: collaboration and expertise

ETURN is gevestigd in Alkmaar, Nederland en opgericht in 2011 om bedrijven, gemeenten, instellingen en overige organisaties met kennis en kunde te ondersteunen bij de realisatie van hun energietransitie. Ons gedreven, geschoolde en gecertificeerde ETURN team bestaat voornamelijk uit ervaren professionals, van wie er velen al jaren aan ons verbonden zijn. Experts in hun vakgebied, die sinds het prille begin – en altijd in nauwe samenwerking met elkaar en met onze klanten – tal van powerful projects succesvol hebben weten te voltooien, in Nederland en daarbuiten.

Powerful projects: quality in material and implementation

Quality is a crucial pillar of our service provision: every ETURN project proceeds according to a clear, pre-elaborated schedule and a safety plan tailored to the location. We set the bar very high in this regard. Our people, methods and materials not only meet the construction and installation standards and requirements, but also the highest quality requirements according to the following certificates:

The VGM Checklist Aontractors Company Certificate (VCA) guarantees that all our people are trained to work safely, in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner.

The InstallQ certificate shows that our installers meet high professional competence requirements.

The PV CYCLE certificate guarantees that our PV panels are collected and recycled at the end of their life cycle.

The NEN logo shows that agreements made about the quality and safety of our products and services comply with certain standards according to the Netherlands Standardisation Institute and the NEC foundation.