Powerful services

Turnkey PV installations and all-round EPC Contracting

Efficiency and performance in renewable energy generation

ETURN stands for efficiency and performance in sustainable energy generation. We realize both turnkey PV installations and (partial) projects on a contract basis in the context of new construction or renovation. Our services are focused on residential complexes, agricultural, industrial and utility buildings and include:

Design: Every detail counts

Mapping the energy requirement

Successful projects start with a well thought-out design: the complexity of an optimally functioning PV installation is not only dependent on the type of solar panels. In the initial stages of planning, the energy requirement must be crystal clear: where and for what purpose is the energy generated? Is it a commercial or an industrial application, or does it concern the power supply of several households? Are there peak needs to consider? Our specialists map out exactly how energy demand must be met now and in the future.

360 ° preliminary investigation

Thorough preliminary research into the possibilities and prerequisites are decisive for a design that exactly meets the specific customer needs. We do not only rely on construction specifications, but also use physical and drone-controlled site inspections, precision measurements and computer simulations. Thanks to our in-house developed advanced software technology, we are able to seamlessly match the output with the energy needs of our customers. Post-installation monitoring enables us to detect any fluctuations in the energy output, which guarantees that all possibilities are used and nothing is left to chance.

Clarity at every phase

Clarity at every phase after a thorough analysis and weighing of all relevant factors and their mutual relationship - from location, size, subsoil and construction to the meteorological impact on the PV installation - we arrive at an elaborate design. We bring clarity to every phase with research reports, forecasts and step-by-step plans. By the way, we go very far into this: for example, our kilowatt-hour production forecast has such a high prediction value that we can even issue a production guarantee if desired.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Prevention is always better

PV installations are relatively low maintenance, but that does not make monitoring them any less important. Any malfunctions or defects must be rectified immediately in order to avoid compromising the efficiency.

The specialists at ETURN provide 24/7 monitoring of installations for production performance and intervene immediately, where necessary. Through periodic inspections, we ensure that the equipment are fully compliant. For optimal control, our service contracts can also be extended with a yield guarantee.